USAF F-15E Strike Eagle Mug


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USAF F-15E Strike Eagle Mug:  9 cm (h) 8 cm (diameter) 330 ml or 11,15 oz. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Made from white ceramic. A must for Eagle fans.  This mug is the perfect way to start a perfect day with your favourite fighter ! An essential gift for F-15E lovers.

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Height 9 cm
Capacity 11,15 Oz
Diameter 8 cm


USAF F-15E Strike Eagle

This mug is printed with the great USAF F-15E Strike Eagle design. 

This jet deep strike mission is a radical departure from the original intent of the F-15, since the F-15 was designed as an air superiority fighter. The basic airframe, however, proved versatile enough to produce a very capable strike fighter. The F-15E, while designed for ground attack, retains the air-to-air lethality of the F-15, and can really defend itself very well. The F-15E carries most weapons in the USAF inventory. It is also armed with AIM-9 Sidewinders and AIM-120 AMRAAMs. Since the Strike Eagle retains the counter-air capabilities from its Eagle lineage, it is regularly trained for counter-air missions, and fully capable for Offensive-Counter-Air.

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